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What is a cryptocurrency? It is a digital asset which has been designed as a medium of exchange for secure transactions. One of the first decentralized cryptocurrency, which is called Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a developer who named himself Satoshi Nakamoto. There are various cryptocurrencies which have been created ever since. The most common and known ones are the Bitcoin and Ether. The usage of this currency within the blockchain model has a high impact on the security of digital payments, which is why it is a fast growing area. The decentralized control is getting transactions to the next level!


eConcepts is dedicated to create, develop and accellerate business solutions and models within the blockchain and crypto industry.


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We invest in our own mining infra-structure, which will include highly efficient pieces of mining equipment specially designed for cryptocurrency mining.








The mining hardware will be stored in highly experienced datacenters, where external conditions and low energy costs will be enabled. We will be able to mine different coins. Our main focus will rely on the profitable employment of the hardware and to control and improve the daily mining business.








Since we have hands-on experience in the blockchain industry, our target will be to establish new businesses within the blockchain industry and use our hardware as most profitable as possible.

What we do?

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain technology offers an innovative way of data and asset exchanges. It is a safe and direct way of exchange without intermediaries. Within the financial sector this technology has been applied since 2009. But what is Blockchain? A blockchain is a continuously growing list of cryptocurrency transactions. The information for these transactions must be embedded into data blocks. All this blocks are internally linked to several other blocks, each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block. This linking creates blockchains. The list of transactions is an “open” distributed ledger, which records transaction between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way. The validation of these blocks is highly demanding, which ensures the data security and secures against tampering.


The blockchain technology is applicable in various areas, like the IT- / Hightech industry, goverments, NGOs or the medical- /healthcare field.

What is mining?

Mining is a cryptocurrency transaction validation process of blocks which requires lots of processing power and time.



All this blocks are internally linked to several other blocks (blockchains). The validation of these blocks is highly demanding, which is why miners are needed.

A miner will receive cryptocurrency for providing and finding a valid solution for the cryptographic hashing algorithm. The solution operates as a key to validate a transaction.



To solve this challenging mathematical calculation the usage of previous block solutions is necessary. Therefore there is now possibility to pre calculate any results. The historical storage of this block solutions and transactions is a public ledger.

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We are dedicated to create, develop and accellerate business solutions & models within the blockchainand crypto industry.








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